Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I enjoy a hot cup of tea, so I usually pop a tea bag into a hot cup of water and let it brew. I drink de-caf green or black tea most often since my tea time is in the afternoon. I like to limit calories and I don't use refined sugar. Honey makes a nice addition to my tea, or Stevia for no calories at all. Sometimes Sweet and Low sneaks into my cup, but I like the taste of honey better. Point is, I am not a gourmet when I brew a cup of tea. The tea brewing experts that I know will say, "Don't you taste the paper of the tea bag?" I don't really know, since I never brew loose tea. "Loose" tea?  No comment. If you can't be funny, don't be mean--just leave it alone.

I probably don't really know how a good cup of tea should taste. If it is hot, and not quite as boring as hot water, I figure I'm ahead of the game. I usually sip tea while reading, therefore, I don't pay much attention to how it tastes. I don't really savor my tea and pay close attention to the flavors as if it were a thousand dollar bottle of wine. My sense of taste is very unrefined.


I received a very unusual Christmas gift this year, and it is really eye-catching for any tea aficionado. My new little Teaposy is a cute experience that bears closer examination. I've heard about the extensive tea-brewing ceremonies practiced by some societies, but I haven't seen such a ceremony. My Teaposy is so interesting, it deserves a  ceremony. So I read the directions and set up my camera to record this cutie. The videos on the Teaposey web site are very professionally produced and give a great perspective on the product.



The gift packet I received included the clear glass teapot with a strainer built in to contain the tea when it is poured into a cup. I opened one of the dozen little packets that were included to find a dry tea "bulb". You are directed to place the bulb in the teapot and slowly add hot water. I followed the directions as written, but I would recommend pouring the boiling water into the teapot, then carefully adding the delicate bulb to the hot water. I think this approach would protect the integrity of the flower and it would bloom as it soaks. As you wait 3 to 6 minutes, it blooms into a very colorful flower cradled in a base of tentacles that look like roots. I must admit it almost looks alive and a little like a tarantula. Their website explains that those are silver needle tea leaves packaged with a flower and dried together. This structure flavors the water into an herbal tea. I am familiar with trays of appetizers that include edible flowers, so tea made from a blooming flower isn't a far stretch. The gift set comes with an assortment of different flowers.


I would call the tea "delicate". The color is a pale yellow which is typical of many herbal teas, and the flavor is also delicate. I flavored the herbal tea with honey and I tasted the honey more than the tea. After the first cup, I got a bit more aggressive with this drink and poured a cup to heat in the microwave. I added Stevia to the reheated cup and got a bolder flavor that I prefer. After the fun of watching it bloom, I like the tea after it has steeped ten minutes, then reheated in the microwave. That takes away from the ceremonial aspect of it, but for flavor, it tastes very good when reheated.

It is a very interesting process to watch, and I can see that it would be fun for a ladies group or a group of friends you want to wow with a new experience. My granddaughter thinks it is really neat because it is so unusual. I think it would be a great way to introduce young people to the experience of drinking hot tea because the experience is unlike any other. It reminds me of times past and English gardens or Japanese Tea Houses where people had much time to indulge in the ceremony of drinking and appreciating hot tea. 


  1. I saw such a tea flower bloom in a glass of hot water. Really neat experience. But, I am not much of a tea drinker as my younger daughter is. I prefer iced coffee. If I do drink tea, it is iced, too, with lots of ice cubes and no sugar and no milk.

  2. I drink black tea mostly but occasionally have a cup of herbal tea. I have never had a flower, though. This was very interesting and informative. Pretty, too. What a thoughtful gift. :-)

  3. wow that is interesting, i have not seen anything like it. i am a coffee drinker or iced tea or diet coke. only have about one cup of (probably lipton) tea a year. i don't know why, it's good!

    smiles, bee

  4. Thanks for the photos and the idea for the flower of tea. The color looks wonderful and it does sound like a fun time watching the flower bloom and steep.
    I like my coffee, but only in the mornings. I drink decaf green tea in afternoon and evening. Someone sent me wild raspberry tea from a northern state long ago and I still remember that delicious flavor.

  5. What a wonderful gift! It looks like fun. I might like to try the Teaposy blooming ones sometime.

    I do like tea. I just bought organic peppermint, very good for tummy troubles. I have some yummy organic teas from India made with 'tulsi' (Holy Basil) and I like other assorted flavors as well.
    At Starbucks, I do like a green tea latte made with Tazo Matcha tea and skim milk. I've tried to buy powdered green tea to make my own at home but it's not available most places and where I did find it the price was pretty high.

    Not sure where you are in PA, but
    there is a replica of a Japanese Teahouse at the Phila. Museum of Art. It's one of my favorite parts of the museum.
    I've never been to Shofuso in Fairmount Park but it's a Japanese House with a tea garden and you can take a tour or even take beginner tea ceremony classes. I think they are re-opening in April so I'll have to keep that in mind.

  6. Although I usually drank green tea plain, someone introduced me to milk tea a while ago and I fell in love with it. I love the English way of drinking tea with cream and sugar. We usually drink our green tea plain though. It's supposed to be good for you. I love your pictures.

  7. I almost bought my mom the Teaposy for Christmas but decided she might not appreciate it. I was tempted to buy it for myself but did not. I look forward to my afternoon tea and my tea drinking experience is similar to yours. I love a cup of tea while reading. My favorite flavor is by Yogi. It called Egyptian Licorice. Enjoy!