Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doors Unopened

I turn down more subjects than I select to use when I post to my blog. Sometimes I don't have any representative photos that interest me so I pass over some candidates for subjects of a post. Sometimes, I find there isn't enough that I want to write about on a given topic beyond a few sentences. Sometimes I lack the motivation to expand on a given subject in the quest to find something profound in the situation. These items didn't make the cut:

Stargate - SG-1 We've been slowly working our way through a borrowed DVD collection of ten years of this series from the 1990's and thoroughly enjoying it. We are on season seven and we will be sad to see the end of the cast of characters when it segues into Atlantis which was the next series devoted to the subject of science fiction fantasy about travel to other planets and galaxies to find allies in the earth's never-ending battle with a formidable enemy which is dedicated to the destruction of earth. It would appeal to a very selective audience certainly.

The very enjoyable New Year's Eve party we attended with long-time friends was another subject I didn't think should be revisited on my blog. It was fun, but now it is done.

I find the topic of aging very hard to address on my blog. We visited a friend of the in-laws during the holidays. We were happy to take the time to visit the older generation at this time of the year. They have a multitude of challenges and any diversion is probably more valuable to them than gifts. Gifts for older people in their nineties would be another subject that I haven't attempted in this blog. The elderly have downsized, they usually have what they need, so I try to find something consumable, and share my time with them.

I never think that a peek into my daily life would be interesting, nor do I want to impose on my friends' privacy by posting pictures of them. I enjoy my "girls' day out" ventures with my friends and indulge in this hobby every opportunity I get. Yesterday, we went to a local casino for the day and ate lunch at their buffet. We do this periodically but I'm sure it doesn't interest most people. We had a great time, but it wasn't something that I thought would interest other people who look at my blog.

Everyone probably feels strongly about various issues, and blogging about them doesn't appeal to me because I don't seek to change the views of others, nor would I change my own. Therefore, what's the point? A few of those topics would include naturally, religion and politics, but also weird topics like sleeping pills, unisex dressing rooms or toilets, vanity license plates, or people who keep others waiting, or people who want to control other people. Since that list could become quite long, it's time to stop.

As much as I enjoy visiting with my grandchildren, other people also have grandchildren, so a little of that subject goes a long way. I restrain myself from posting about every charming thing they do.

I'm often reminded of the title of the old soap opera, The Days of Our Lives. Everyone has good days and bad days, but I try to be selective about what I share. I don't want my life to start to sound like a soap opera. I don't think of my blog as a journal or a diary. I figure my day to day just isn't that interesting to other folks and if it is, they seriously need to get a life. That's not to say that I don't enjoy seeing who has visited my little place in the world. I always appreciate the visitors and their comments.

Any time a subject makes the cut and appears on my blog, it probably represents ten others that I have rejected as likely blog fodder. My mercurial spirit needs to find the right mood and subject.


  1. I try to write something every day, sometimes skipping a day now and then. Writing makes me happy, and seeing comments from blog friends makes me happy, as well. To each his own, I guess.

  2. I agree, to each his own. I enjoy reading what others have written. I tend to censor myself and I oppose to censoring other people.

  3. Your life is very interesting to me, R.J. You are right, though: there are plenty of items I might find to be rather mundane, but they are probably not the ones you thought they would be.

    I truly enjoy the smattering of everything I get from my blogging community. I'm glad you are part of it. :-)

  4. Oh dear, if I knocked all those topics off, I'd run out of things to write about. I suppose there are some days, I should just not say anything. As you say, each to his own.

  5. I find that by the time I actually get around to writing I've missed writing about 3 or 4 other things I had planned on writing...For me it's more a function of time than of subject.

  6. I'm all over the place with my blog. Since I don't post every day there have been times I've thought of something while out somewhere that might have been interesting but by the time I sat to actually compose it many of the details were lost.
    Pictures of the kids and grands, home projects, the inside of my fridge (don't ask), pet peeves, videos, etc. Religion can be difficult to chat about. I've put up an occasional political post and they don't seem popular but I don't rule too many things completely out. I'd talk about ANYTHING, if I had better writing skills.

  7. I think the reason I sometimes take L.O.N.G. breaks from my blog is that I don't feel I have anything interesting to write about, plus the time element. I am committed to keeping my blog alive this year. Now to try and figure what to write about next.