Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Art Show

Between snow storms, we attended an art show for Delaware Charter Schools, one of which is the school our eight-year-old granddaughter attends. It is astounding to see the variety and quality of works produced by student artists.

A shark vacuum.

I am encouraged to see that the schools continue working with students in this area along with the basic academic programs. Kids greatly benefit from the time they spend on these projects and learn incredible lifetime skills. It is all too easy to cut the arts programs first when school budgets falter, but it is at great expense to the future of students. Art shows give the kids an opportunity to show their work, but also to build greater support for the concept of learning through art.

Man on a snail climbs a mushroom.

Our granddaughter is in 3rd grade and she had three entries in the art show.  It was a large exhibition of student art work and I took a few pictures of some of it. The students were very proud of their efforts, the show was well-attended, and everyone was very supportive of their works. I wish I had taken more photos. We were caught up in the moment and enjoying it with our family.


When our grandchildren visit, we work on projects like mobiles, sock puppets, pinwheels and paper airplanes. They like to paint, but creating simulations of rocket ships or dioramas are more interesting to them. People learn in different ways and the arts give kids many choices to develop their creativity. We enjoy the time spent working on projects and talking about them. It is a great way to spend time with our grandchildren. Recently, my granddaughter and I created this aquarium diorama.