Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nouns to Verbs

We have become so accustomed to quickly looking for information that Google has become a verb--"Google it". It is amazing to see what they can produce to answer questions. In the same way that we "Google it" for information, we now "Amazon it" for shopping. I used to think of Amazon as books and music. Recently, I see that I can also find amazingly unusual products for sale by searching a few key words on Amazon.


I saw this t-shirt and of course it makes me giggle. Naturally, it is for sale on Amazon. This isn't a commercial, but I have found that I can shop at Amazon for many items that I can't find in drug stores, department stores or even hardware stores. This week my household has ordered three times from Amazon for items that aren't books. I ordered undies and lotions. Hubby ordered car parts. Before I jump in the car and run around town looking for weird stuff, I now consult Amazon. Not only do they sell many things also available on company web sites, the Amazon price is often better. When I order, it is delivered to my front door within a few days. Can't beat that for efficiency.


Next week I am shopping for a hummingbird feeder, exercise pants, a coffee maker, and this tiny medicine cup (Medline Plastic Medicine Graduated Cups) which I haven't been able to find at drugstores. I have many ways I use those tiny cups, but they came with other products and now I want to replace them. A hundred for under $4. Imagine that. "Amazon it."

Monday, May 20, 2013

April Tapestry

During the month of April, we visited many places and shot many photos. We flew to New Orleans where we set sail for 22 days on a cruise ship. Along the way, we crossed through the Gulf of Mexico, across the Atlantic Ocean, and into the Mediterranean. The ship was the hotel and we stopped at nine ports where we spent the days on tours. It was a great trip with many good memories. I kept a daily log, but we were too busy to find time to post it. I will have to edit and see if there are any worthwhile thoughts that are noteworthy to post here. The ship's Wi-Fi was .40 per minute and I conserved my time to sending brief e-mails to family. Below is the second of two slide shows that I have completed at this point.