Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nouns to Verbs

We have become so accustomed to quickly looking for information that Google has become a verb--"Google it". It is amazing to see what they can produce to answer questions. In the same way that we "Google it" for information, we now "Amazon it" for shopping. I used to think of Amazon as books and music. Recently, I see that I can also find amazingly unusual products for sale by searching a few key words on Amazon.


I saw this t-shirt and of course it makes me giggle. Naturally, it is for sale on Amazon. This isn't a commercial, but I have found that I can shop at Amazon for many items that I can't find in drug stores, department stores or even hardware stores. This week my household has ordered three times from Amazon for items that aren't books. I ordered undies and lotions. Hubby ordered car parts. Before I jump in the car and run around town looking for weird stuff, I now consult Amazon. Not only do they sell many things also available on company web sites, the Amazon price is often better. When I order, it is delivered to my front door within a few days. Can't beat that for efficiency.


Next week I am shopping for a hummingbird feeder, exercise pants, a coffee maker, and this tiny medicine cup (Medline Plastic Medicine Graduated Cups) which I haven't been able to find at drugstores. I have many ways I use those tiny cups, but they came with other products and now I want to replace them. A hundred for under $4. Imagine that. "Amazon it."


  1. I have become an Amazon shopper, too. I do hope that I won't find out that they exploit their workers and that's why it's all so cheap! :-)

  2. That is always the ultimate dilemma we all face when shopping. Even if there is exploitation, we can't stop buying products because then those who are oppressed wouldn't have jobs if the company goes out of business. Is that better? In a perfect world every one would be paid well and treated well.

  3. Hubby and I Amazoned this week. I bought a book on Kindle, and he bought headphones for the TV. A few months ago, I ordered a Kaleidoscope and a pair of binoculars for my grandkids. We love Amazon.

  4. That's so funny because when I was talking to one of the managers recently at a store I like about a DVD I wanted, I said something like I could 'Amazon it' to my father-in-law and she laughed and said 'Amazon is a verb now?' Well, yes.. it is! lol
    Since we live in an area where just about any store you can imagine is within about 15 minutes away, I don't mind running assorted errands. As long as I mind the time and don't get trapped in rush hour. ;)
    We have ordered items for home delivery though, too. Recently, hubby got something for his bicycle and something else for the weed whacker. He doesn't have as much time to go looking for things and probably prefers ordering online.

  5. I worry about retail businesses going under, but we "Amazon" too, quite frequently. It's easy and you can actually find what you want.

  6. Amazon is the best way to shop in my opinion. I have bought most things there for several years. For one thing, I can buy my gluten free products at a better price on Amazon. And for another, as you say, things arrive at your door. Usually in two days.

  7. It was surprising to me that I couldn't google in China. I also couldn't check my blog or look at Facebook which didn't bother me since I don't use the FB account at all. It was weird to not be able to check the blog though. I do find the Amazon site really helpful and use it every holiday season. :-)

    RJ, Thanks so much for all your kind messages while we were gone to China. Although I couldn’t access my blog, I got your comments via e-mail and they always brought a smile to my face.

    I’ve just finished my China blog posts so I need to work on our photo album because we have too many things happening this summer that will take up our time. Life does tend to occasionally intrude on our blogging. Thank you again for being such a lovely friend.

  8. "R.J.'s Place" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.