Saturday, March 26, 2011


Pissed off Poetry

I hit a tree in '83,
on my way to work.
It never had a chance,
I broke the lower branch.

The lady ahead
Spun out on the ice.
I danced around her,
But trounced the tree instead.

The cop said,
"Why aren't you dead?"
Then I said,
"Did I ruin your day?"

"I'll send you a photo
Of my recent halo.
Then you can celebrate
My recent demise."

"You go pound sand,
I'll give you a hand.
Don't rain on my parade,
Today, I make lemonade."


  1. It makes me smile, and you have done well here!

  2. I laugh about it now, but I was annoyed since we had previously made the last payment on the car only to have to buy another one. Thankfully, seat belts work well.