Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour,
or two or three,
comes before dawn
on the feet of insomnia.

I can't sleep.
There are things
that need to be worried about,
and only I can do the job justice.

Words niggle.
Phrases nag.
A pen begs for attention.
Beds are for the lazy.

A glowing computer screen,
A cup of coffee, a dark room.
The best thoughts of my day
flow from the muse of my subconscious.

I close my eyes
and a world never seen
flows from my fingertips
and into cyberspace at times.

In the hours before the day intrudes,
My thoughts seem so fresh and original.
By ten o'clock, the best of my golden hour,
lies discarded on the floor of reality.

Those who sleep and those who dream,
Don't have time to waste.
The Golden Hour before dawn can gift one
with immortality.

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