Wednesday, June 23, 2010


WTZ4DNR                C-ISLE

LNRIGB                    BUBSTOY

FLAGTR                   YGOSLO

MUMMR                   BNKRGRL

IIMEME                      NAWTY2

WHUTEVR               TCKT2RDE

GLDMYN                  747IFLY

MOPSEY                  GOOFEE

I don't text behind the wheel, but I like to read the texts behind the wheels in front of me. I have spotted all of the above license plates and wished I had my camera. I have learned to keep it handy because anytime I am driving, I usually see several that make me chuckle. Of all of the collections on the web at various sites, this is my favorite: 

This site has a fun collection too:


  1. Oh these are great, RJ -- I also smile at good ones. I saw this one on a big red SUV: RBYSLPR

  2. I've seen many creative tags from CA in the collections online. They are very clever folks.

  3. Bumper stickers are fun too!

    You know, I think car tags used to be prettier back when the emphasis was on state symbols and slogans--and bold colors. Here in Oregon, you have to practically hold the tags at arm's length to make out the designs because they are painted rather than stamped and are in subtle colors at that.

  4. Bumper stickers are fun to read, but I can't bring myself to put one on my car because they are almost impossible to remove. I'm also a coward about my strongly held beliefs and keep them to myself or rather I don't like to be too "in your face" about them.

  5. "Bumper stickers are fun to read, but I can't bring myself to put one on my car,,,"

    I object to them because they reduce complex arguments to the bumper equivalent of a political sound-bite, and often misrepresent the other side of the issue in the process. I still read them though and especially enjoy the funny ones.

  6. I love reading license plates ~ especially on long rides. It always makes for a great discussion as my husband and I try to problem solve and figure out some of the tougher ones. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  7. Hey Deb, my summer is very busy as I'm sure others have the same. Now that I'm over the Lyme Disease, it gets even better. The grandchildren keep it real and make it tons of fun.