Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am a big fan of Maxine from Crabby Road, because I am a cantankerous old hag too. A visit to a doctor's office is worth a good rant; that's the guarantee we get from Medicare. I have a new doctor and he is a proud mother's dream. I'm as shallow as any 20 year old--good looks and charisma count. Isn't it unnerving when your doctor is younger than your children?

Continuing with my dissertation of Monday on Lyme Disease,  when I was in the doctor's office, all was going swimmingly until I showed them my Medicare Card. At that point the receptionist started talking louder like I had lost my hearing. Later she said, "You'll need to write this down so you don't forget." Am I missing something or do they hand out hearing aids and Alzheimer's with those Medicare cards?

How some people treat older people as if they are imbeciles ought to be illegal. I like to claim my senior rates but I don't expect to pay for it with a hit to my self-esteem. Back off junior, we've all been young and stupid too. That didn't sound quite right. I don't mean that we were also stupid when we were young as well as now that we are older. I meant that a young person can be young and stupid. Is that why she looks at me like I am an imbecile? I wasn't stupid when I was young and I'm not stupid just because I am over 65. Later, the nurse who took my blood pressure said, "You're in good shape for someone your age."  Well what did she expect, a Rascal scooter and a chaperone?

No generational wars intended, but young whippersnappers get on my nerves. Don't they realize that if they don't self-destruct first,  they will get to lose much, if not all of their hair, get gray hair, get wrinkles, grow a bigger tummy and forget a few nouns? They are already doomed to hearing loss if their listening habits are any indication. Seriously, the noise at concerts, movies, or the ear phones of an IPod that you can hear from three feet away can't be great for their hearing. I'm sorry, I forgot if you are under thirty, you come with a money back guarantee of immortality and no consequences for irresponsible behavior. Try cashing in that guarantee.

Yours truly,
the imbecile  (no capital letters since I didn't mean it as a proper noun and a select few under thirty can spell it anyway. I'm on meds, I'm not responsible.)


  1. Stumbled across you today - and love your writing. I hope you don't mind me dropping by to put in my 2p's worth every now and again.

  2. It's great to hear from you--the more the merrier. Visit again.

  3. I just tell them 'and if you're lucky it will happen to you too.'

  4. Just found your blog today - I'm in my 20's but I promise not to treat anyone older than me like an imbecile ;-)

  5. Hi Vanessa, welcome to life from the other side :-) I would love to be twenty something again. Enjoy it. It's not so bad being over sixty, I just try to look at the lighter side of life. I like visiting your blog--neat stuff.

  6. I have six months to go till I am eligible for Medicare, but I keep hearing stories like this about how people on Medicare are being treated. So I am sharpening my wits and my knives.

  7. I like to look for the humor in anything, but I really can't complain about Medicare coverage--knock on wood. I've been using it for less than a year and my secondary coverage from my job is good. I have issues with people in the health industry occasionally.