Friday, July 3, 2009

To Channel Music

I have learned to "channel" music, thanks to the albums of Yanni. Stifle that groan! Gone are the moustache and flying locks of the nineties, replaced by a trimmed, more conservative look, thank goodness. I'll forgive the theatrics, which were a bit over the top, after all, he is Greek and loves his music. Along with the new music comes an older, wiser mentor/conductor who has launched some spectacular new voices. The two male vocalists are very dramatic in their own way and the ladies make us jealous. Yanni calls Chloe "fearless" and who wouldn't be with her looks and talent? Wish I could move like that.

My favorite remains in the instrumentals of the earlier albums, especially "Live at the Acropolis". It is at the top of my playlist for the gym. It gets me through four miles of fast walking with a lot of energy that I didn't feel when I walked into the gym. The instruments seem to flow through the listener with such energy and pep that you just want to dance on a treadmill. If that doesn't get the laziest person moving, nothing will. I greatly enjoy the videos of his orchestras in concert on YouTube. The instrumental performers are absolute experts with those instruments. The violins are extraordinary and the rhythm of percussion is inspiring. So Yanni gets my vote and I don't give a hoot about how he looks, or what is in his personal life. I just channel his music. Bring it on! It's all about the music!

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