Tuesday, July 7, 2009



--A movie of fearless, bold, reckless courage
--Action adventure
--Alpha male with "skills"
--High body count
--Justified cause
--Sanitized violence
--Fear factor
--Vulnerable families
--Stark realism views the seedy side of life
--Language not objectionably crude
--High suspense level
--Suitable conclusion


  1. So, would you recommend it?

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Carl Jung has always been my favorite psychologist.

  2. I liked the movie personally, but I can understand that it might not appeal to everyone. It has some strong language, some torture, sex slavery, murders, and a lot of "man's inhumanity to others". I understand that it is fiction, but I also understand that stuff happens that I wouldn't want to watch or know about. I don't vote my values when I watch movies. I like to see good triumph over evil and the bad guys get what they deserve. On a didactic level, there is lost innocence and a strong message to the gullible that needed to be said. I was cautious about seeing it because of the kidnapping issue which, statistically, is likely not to end well and who needs a downer? Friends liked it, so I tackled it with trepidation. A viewer should understand what they can expect to see and decide if they are willing to deal with it.

  3. I'm not sure if I would enjoy this film, but Liam Neeson is certainly one of my faves.

  4. If it means anything, I just watched it a second time before I returned it to Netflix, but I wouldn't buy a personal copy or watch it over and over. Our friends who recommended it share my favorite authors and book titles so I trusted their opinion. Not everyone has the same movie tastes, so I don't attempt to persuade. I enjoyed watching Liam Neeson in Shining Through, a movie about a lady spy in WWII.Since I respect his work, I am motivated to watch his movies.