Monday, May 25, 2009

Up to Code?

The robins worked very hard building this nest and faithfully sit on it when I can resist the temptation to try to take pictures of it. I considered taking it down when it became obvious that they were nesting over my deck light. I have heard from others that removing the early efforts won't work because they will keep rebuilding it. So they will leave sooner if they are left to raise their young and abandon their efforts voluntarily. It is interesting to watch, but I prefer that they build nests away from the house so that I don't have to watch the predator birds trying to consume the nestlings. It is gruesome to watch. Of course, I feel obligated to rush outside to chase away blue jays.

In the few weeks it takes for the nestlings to fledge, I have to tiptoe around my own house. No cookouts for a few weeks. I should be grateful that I can open my front door this spring. In years past, birds have built nests on the grapevine door decoration. We had to knock on the front door before we could open it to warn the birds to vacate the nest. Nevertheless, they flew inside the house one day, which required us to leave all of the doors open for them to fly away. Birds out, bugs in. That was easier than hosting the bat that fell down the chimney. Coexisting with wildlife gets weird.

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