Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am unapologetically addicted to pop culture. I love books (mostly novels), movies and TV shows that are new and highly entertaining. I like to read a book the same way I watch a movie, start to finish, with very few interruptions. I do apologize to all those authors who work tirelessly to entertain me. I am a very fast reader and I finish in two days, a novel that has taken authors months of slavery to produce. I'm easy to please--entertain me and surprise me. I salute the authors who can do that and I greatly envy their ability to create an imaginary world that fascinates me. If everyone has a book inside them, mine would be filled with opinions and little creativity. I hesitate to claim a list of favorite books because there are many. I become very loyal to authors I enjoy, therefore I will read anything they write. I don't judge and compare their latest novel with their previous works. I take from it whatever appeals to me but I don't bother to remember the dimensions of a particular weapon or the routes to the best restaurants in New York. I was a literature major, and I won't name the dusty tomes that were required reading but I've read some dry stuff. It is probably true that education is wasted on the young; I failed to relate to the tragedy of the human condition found in some of those required novels at 21 innocent years of age. Perhaps I should re-read some of the classics to remind myself of those human truisms that qualified certain works as classics worthy of reading over and over. However, I probably wouldn't prefer War and Peace to Lee Child's latest Jack Reacher thriller called Gone Tomorrow. Lee Child never disappoints and I am eager to see the first movie. The Jack Reacher character brings to mind the James Bond series. I have enjoyed all of Lee Child's creations;he's a very talented contemporary author.

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