Thursday, February 26, 2015

High Roller

On our last trip to Las Vegas, we were eager to experience the world's tallest observation wheel. The trip on The Linq at the Quad takes 30 minutes and each pod can hold up to 40 people. There were only five in our pod on a Tuesday afternoon. We paid $25 each for the ride. It was a spectacular structure and I don't mind heights, but now that we have done that, I doubt that we will do it again for a long time. We saw it during the day, but I suppose night views are very different. 

Each pod didn't seem large, but it could hold a lot of people. We were fortunate that we could move around and see each view in all directions. As we boarded, the wheel kept moving and we jumped on board through the open doors. I suppose they stop it if a handicapped person is boarding. 

It seemed quite roomy inside the pod because we only had five people in our pod.

The view from the top of the circuit looking to the north at the hotels on the Strip.

The structure to hold the apparatus was every superlative I could remember.

Cars and buses on the ground seemed tiny.

The view to the South along The Strip.

Pictures taken through the pod glass often had reflections. 

I like how they developed the new area that approaches the structure because it sits back from the main street, Las Vegas Strip. There are shops, restaurants, and hotel entrances along the two blocks that are pleasant to see as you walk toward the High Roller. 


  1. That's what 70 looks like?? Beautiful! Keep celebrating!
    I'm not sure with my motion sickness issues that I could enjoy the observation wheel.
    Glad you enjoyed your trip

  2. Wow what an experience, but not sure IF this is one for me. I have gone to observation decks in many high-rise buildings, including the Empire State Building, but heights are not my strong point. Still, the views alone might be worth overcoming the fear and seeing night lights on the Vegas strip must be spectacular, but then you said once was enough for you, R.J. And, you do look fabulous!

  3. How very space age! I really like the last picture, since I rarely get to see pictures of you on your blog. :-)

  4. Just want to let you know how very jealous I am of you! At 62 I don't look anywhere as good as you do at 70. Bravo, also, for your ability to still wear shorts. I have given up on that piece of clothing except at home. When the grandkids are here, and I put on shorts, my granddaughter will say, "gramma, WHAT are you wearing!!??"

  5. You are so beautiful! I wish I could look as great as you when I'm 70. That observation wheel is awesome. I don't remember seeing it when we were in Vegas last year.