Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Why would I watch a movie from 2007? I can't remember how I missed such an intriguing movie when it first emerged in the theaters. I didn't even know the movie existed until I ran across it at my gym. I go to a neat gym that has a "cardio theater". Eighteen cardio machines in front of a big movie screen, what's not to like? I'm not on cardio equipment long enough to see a feature length movie, but it is a fun way to exercise. If I find a movie I like well enough to want to see all of it, I can always see it at home on my Verizon On Demand which I did with Fracture.

I was hooked on following this intriguing plot to see where the contorted chess game between the prosecuting attorney and the accused murderer would finally reach a conclusion.

It's about an attempted murder by a brilliant, successful scientist who is determined to show that he can commit murder and get away with it. The district attorney put his most successful prosecutor on the case, but Willy, interesting choice of names, is ambitious and distracted by his impending move to a more lucrative job at a big-name law firm with a huge new salary. He thinks conviction will be a slam dunk because he has a signed confession so it should be easy to move on to his new job. He doesn't bother to do his homework or due diligence and should have been suspicious that it was just too easy.

It becomes clear that the murderer is playing him and the young prosecutor finds out that there are details he overlooked. He has to go back to basics and actually produce enough evidence to convict the murderer in order to put him away. The murderer has carefully planned his crime and has planned to get away with it. The murderer isn't a lawyer however, and Willy is determined to preserve his near-perfect record of convictions with his superior knowledge of the law. It is an interesting contest of wills in a legal drama.

The cast is filled with famous names, and some recognizable faces from the best of the acting world is on the job. It is good to finally cross paths with this movie because it was worth the time we spent watching it. I wish there were more movies of this variety. I will have to see what is playing in the cardio theater tomorrow, because they show a different film each day.


  1. I just went over to On Demand (we have Comcast) and it wasn't anywhere to be seen. Darn! This really does sound good, and I would have paid good money to see it. Thanks for the review. :-)

  2. It might be available at Red Box in the local supermarket.

  3. I'm pretty sure I saw this one years ago and liked it. Anthony Hopkins is an excellent actor, so if it comes back to any of the movie stations we have I will definitely watch it again.
    Cardio theater, how interesting. We have some exercise equipment in our basement and a small t.v. That's as exciting as my workouts get.

  4. Thank you very much for your recommendation. I shall add it to our video list.

  5. I also found the DVD at the local public library.

  6. Did I tell you that I added this movie to my Netflix queue? Well, I did, and I am going to put it on top of the list.