Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Crafts

Unique Christmas cards have always been a favorite for me and this one just arrived in the mail. It is hand-stitched by my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter. This is a keeper. The amount of time and effort that an item like this takes makes it very special to the person receiving it. I understand that each card they sent this year has a variation on this motif. The stitching is very meticulous.

The inside of the card is as neat as the outside.  The green backing covers the back of the needlework that is on the face of the card.

It is an honor to receive such a special Christmas card, so it will have a special display spot in my house where we can see it daily throughout the season. It will also become part of my annual Christmas decorations display in my house.


  1. Handmade cards are the best. They show the love someone put into the making of the card and they can be recycled, either as a card for someone else or they can be used as thank you cards, or as labels for presents. Some people put them on their tree.

  2. That is a truly beautiful and thoughtful card. I simply LOVE it and would do the same: display it as a symbol of the best of the season. :-)

  3. I am so amazed! That is truly a work of art and a keepsake. A lot of love went into creating it.

  4. What a fabulous card to receive. I believe handmade cards mean so much more than something bought from a shop. Keep it somewhere special! ~Sandra

  5. Since I make cards, I can certainly appreciate this one. It's quite nice, your dil and gd sure put a lot of love into it.

    Happy New Year!