Wednesday, July 25, 2012


35 years ago, I loved bowling. Then I stopped bowling, but I still thought I would enjoy the game. Other activities took time and it was no longer as popular as it was during my college years and my twenties. I was in several leagues and I had a lot of fun. It was a great time to challenge myself, have some physical activity and chat with other people. I think smoking killed bowling, at least for me. 

Things are different now. We have started going bowling with my son's family and the kids love it. There is no smoking allowed now in public places so that is a big bonus. The shoes are a bit klunky still, but I was able to use my old shoes. I like an eight pound ball now, but I own a ten pound ball that is going to take some practice. The holes were drilled for my hand, but I will have to work on swinging a ten pound ball again. I like how the machines now calculate the score. You get to type in your names, but there is no disagreement about the accuracy of the scoring or who gets to calculate the scores. There are no practice balls, but it is all practice for me. I don't know if they have practice balls to warm up in the leagues.

It is much more family friendly today with lighter balls, shoes for little kids and a better sport for little kids. The lanes were filled with families and little kids were bowling and having a good time. They have added gutter guards that can be raised along the lane so little kids can never have a gutter ball. Kids can have a chance for a rewarding experience and a reasonable score. The lanes encourage families to attend by offering sales and package deals so that it is a great summer activity for children. They have available a ramp device where the kids can put the ball on top and aim it at the pins. They push the ball down the ramp and it rolls straight down the lane toward the pins. Even the three year old can manage the operation. They are very eager to go bowling with the family and they can also participate. I think it is a more wholesome environment when the whole family can attend together.

They have a different night time crowd and what they call Extreme Bowling with black lights and music intended to appeal to teens and young adults. I haven't attended at those times, but I suspect it is also popular.

For me, it has been a while and the old muscles are getting a workout. It is taking some practice to get that body memory working to handle the balance and delivery of the ball along with taking an accurate aim. I made enough strikes and spares to convince me that it is something I will want to continue. I'll have to check out those leagues for old ladies.


  1. I've never gotten into bowling, but I know that those who do really like it. I'd love to hear how you feel about getting back into it, once it's no longer a novelty. Cool!

  2. If you were a good bowler years ago and enjoyed playing then, you should get back into the swing of it quickly. I hope you are able to find a league where you fit in and feel comfortable and have the fun of regular playing as well as tracking your improvement. Good luck and have fun.

  3. I haven't bowled in forever and a day and the reason is probably because I am the world's worst... I mean absolute worst bowler. I must not be coordinated.

  4. Nice that you've gotten back to bowling again. Enjoy!
    We have a few alleys not too far from us and had some of our son's birthday parties at them years ago. I was on a team way back in high school too, but wasn't one of the better bowlers.

  5. I thought bowling was fun the few times I did it. I even had a bowling class for PE in college. It sounds like the blowing world has changed for the better! I wonder if I could do it now that I have a back problem. Hmmm. Maybe not.

  6. I bowled once when I was single and did not do well. Now, David and I bowl on the Wii, which is more fun because it is easier for me to score. Also, the Wii is easier on my right hand, which was surgically operated on for carpal tunnel in 2005.