Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kill Shot

In the fictional war on terror, some protagonists stand out like superheroes. At the top of the list is CIA agent Mitch Rapp, created by novelist Vince Flynn. In his latest "American Assassin Thriller",  character Mitch Rapp again takes on the terrorists, traitors, double agents and selfish, shortsighted bureaucrats.

Continuing the story of the early life and beginnings of a newbie CIA agent first covered in American Assassin, Kill Shot finds Mitch Rapp proceeding to work his way down a list of terrorists, or sponsors of terrorists that the CIA has identified for assassination. Only four people knew the names of the people on the list and three had photographic memories, so a paper list was unnecessary.

When one of the targets on the list is taken out, and Rapp is attacked, he realizes he has been compromised in his mission. He barely escapes with his life and is wounded. It becomes obvious that the names on the list have been leaked to their enemies by an informant within their own ranks.Surviving and identifying who can and who cannot be trusted takes over as Rapp's primary objective. 

Vince Flynn has done an admirable job in creating a character that can qualify as a hero because he is very skilled in all the qualities required of a spy, and he has the appropriate rage of injustice to fuel his motivation to do a very dirty job. "Boots on the ground" takes on a whole new meaning and gives the reader an insight into the dangerous, gritty assignments that are taken on by the groups like the Seal Team Six in an effort to protect citizens from aggressors that would like nothing better than to destroy the quality of life that civilized societies aspire to achieve.

Flynn has shown in his character, Mitch Rapp, a respect for the lives of innocents and his values in requiring surgical strikes in his assignments to avoid killing innocent bystanders. Mitch Rapp is a character with courage and resolve in removing the despots of the world with great skill and finesse. When the reader finds that Mitch Rapp has successfully removed the terrorists and traitors with no redeeming qualities and those who have no conscience in creating misery for other people, it is a particularly satisfying read.

As I read some of the reviews found online, many were very critical of the book and I couldn't disagree more. I have read every book written by Vince Flynn and he remains true to the character he has created and especially to the theme that there are evil forces walking the earth. The twelve Mitch Rapp books point out that we need people who are capable and willing to confront and eliminate those evil forces. Those of us who sleep in clean, soft beds and sleep an untroubled night with no bombs interrupting our sleep, owe those courageous agents a great debt and should honor their work. Yes, it is fiction, but this series began before 9/11 and when it happened, I wondered if Vince Flynn was psychic. It serves as a necessary reminder that Joe/Sally Citizen can go about their daily lives because many other citizens have sacrificed with untold efforts which made that peaceful existence possible. Peace is not free.


  1. You can even read the newspaper for stories about heroes, e.g., the Navy SEALs and their recent heroic acts.

  2. I would like this book. Thanks for the great review. I will be on the lookout for it. I am reading less since I started crocheting again. Since I don't know any real life heroes, fictional heroes are great reads.