Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking for Santa

Last Christmas, my son's family had given us some Lindt chocolates in cute little boxes that looked like presents so I kept them with my decorations. This year, I put them into a sleigh decoration I have because they seemed to fit perfectly. When the kids visited last Sunday, my granddaughter discovered them and asked where was Santa. I told her I would look in my decorations and see if I could find one to complete the fantasy of Santa with his sleigh. I agreed that the sleigh needed a Santa. 

Later, I was in the kitchen when my three-year-old grandson came in to look at the magnets on my fridge door. He took off a new one of a Santa and showed it to me. I told him that was Santa and that he could play with it. He went into the family room and I went back to baking cookies with his sister. Soon, he came into the kitchen and hugged my legs and I reached down to hug him and say a few words to him. Then he took off to other things.

Tuesday morning, I happened to look at the fridge and wondered where he had left the Santa. I looked at the bins of toys in the family room and noticed the sleigh on the window sill where the Santa magnet was sitting with the little chocolate gift boxes. I don't know if my grandson put it there, but if he did, it explains a few of his actions. I just didn't connect the dots at the time and I thought it was really clever of him. We didn't even know he was listening to the conversation about the sleigh without a Santa and the Lindt boxes. Apparently, he is absorbing everything going on around him--little pitchers. I wish I had noticed it at the time to say something to him about finding a Santa for the sleigh. 

Tomorrow, he will be visiting with Nana and Papa while his parents go out to have lunch and see a movie and his sister is in school. I will make sure we spend some time looking at the sleigh and talking about the gift boxes and the Santa figurine.  I like to encourage the grandchildren any time I can find something they do that meets with my approval.  Everything they do is a hit with me. I wonder if other people are so enamored of their grandchildren.


  1. you betcha! I looove my grandkids!

  2. Somehow I don't think you are alone in adoring your grandchildren. But this was quite a clever thing to do! He was definitely listening and, as you said, little pitchers... :-)

  3. And he's how old? I'll agree, quite clever. I've noticed that my son seems to understand everything we say now. Because he doesn't talk much it's easy to forget that he knows what we're saying...

    Every child should have such adoring grandparents!

  4. What a sweet post. My four year old grandson will be here on Friday, and I can hardly wait. They are so dear.

  5. Our little guy is three and has a lot of words but doesn't need to use them much since everyone anticipates his every need.He is an eager eater and readily says fish when he wants goldfish. Most of the time he has to be prompted to use his words and shows little inclination to chatter a lot. It seems to me that kids who take the longest to talk seem to talk the most once they decide to get on with it. That was his sister.

  6. Gosh, I'll never know. I do have a great-nephew who is getting a pretty good grip on my heart-strings. I decided to keep a journal with entries whenever I see him. He can look at it somewhere down the road. I'm wondering how much to tell him about his mommy and daddy.