Friday, November 4, 2011

Signs of Life

As the seasons come and go, I see all of them through my office windows. I placed my desk in front of my triple bay windows so that I can view the great outdoors. I placed my computer monitor to the side of my desk so that it doesn't obstruct my view. The CPU is off to the opposite side of the desk so I have room to place the little trinkets, mugs and photos that are important to me. I can't imagine placing a desk to face a wall or the inside of the room with the windows behind me. I prefer spending computer time during the day when the curtains are open and I can see outside.

Wool gathering is a favorite past time so when my fingers pause on the keyboard of my computer, I can watch the leaves fluttering on the trees or glimpse the hummingbird at the feeder in front of the window. Sometimes, the deer, hawks, or a pretty red fox catch my eye so I stop whatever has my attention on the computer to thoroughly enjoy the busy world of nature outside my windows.

I notice probably more than I should about the comings and goings of my neighbors, and I see the moms and grandmoms walking the toddlers through the neighborhood. I notice when the snow is plowed, the mail and newspapers delivered, and the garbage collected. I don't sit waiting for those things to happen, but I notice any motion outside my window. 


This set of windows faces north but they are triple pane which is not quite as energy-efficient as an insulated wall. Nevertheless, I love houses with lots of windows. Closed-in spaces are very boring, and depressing to me. It makes sense to me that life outside my window can be very interesting even when I am spending time at the computer.

Yes, yes--messy desk. I'm spending this week cleaning up my office and taming the piles of paper and boxes of unimportant stuff that I haven't looked at in five years. It is time to clear the room to host holiday guests and it is a good excuse to tame the clutter.


  1. Those pictures are wonderful, the windows outstanding, and your header is simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing all this...

  2. Sounds like a good view of nature and life in general. Take care!

  3. You have such a wonderful window with a gorgeous view. I would love that, if I had a similar view. Unfortunately, I'd just be staring at my neighbor's house.

  4. No wonder you want to look out the large window with a view like that. Really beautiful. I like that you keep your computer moniter to the side so as not to lose the full view. I have a table in front of a window facing the street. Not as nice as what you look at but I am grateful to be able to look out. I spent so many years at jobs with no windows. So seeing the neighbors walking by or a squirrel playing bring such peace.