Thursday, October 6, 2011

September "Walkabout"

I take liberal literary license with that term "walkabout" because it is how I think of my life in September, post retirement. To me, it represents an escape from routine.


Retirement to me represents a special frame of mind that encourages impulses and flights of freedom, mentally and physically. It is like Christmas every day and dessert for every meal. When September comes each year, I give in to the impulse to celebrate my freedom because I retired from education. There were many days and ways to enjoy the profession and not a few frustrations. But I perservered for 32 years, getting up at 4:50 daily to make sure I was in the building before most teachers and students. The long hours and attention to the routine of the days, months, and years lead teachers to notice greatly when it no longer exists.  

So when September rolls around, I celebrate that I can go to a museum, a beach, or travel, or read all day and drink coffee until my feet bounce on my way to the bathroom attached to my office. Teachers know what I mean when I celebrate the freedom to race to the bathroom whenever I want and as often as I want during the day. It has been said on more than one occasion that teachers have the strongest bladders due to our need to limit bathroom breaks to one or two daily.


I celebrate that I can put off the laundry for another day and change my routine to accommodate a surprise trip out to lunch with friends or a quick trip to the casino. If there is rain, I declare a rain day, put up my feet and dive into the pile of library books that wait on my coffee table.

My main rule for September Walkabout is no rules. I do anything I want and nothing that I "should" do.

All photos were taken at the Delaware Art Museum.


  1. What a great idea! And 32 years of being a teacher, I cannot even imagine. I retired from my job after 30 years, and I'm so happy to be free to do whatever I feel like with each day!

  2. Yes, I, too, love being retired.

  3. That looks like Chihuly glass. How absolutely gorgeous! I do love retirement. It's wonderful to be free to do what you want to. Still... I miss teaching also.

  4. It is indeed Chihuly glass, just like the lobby of Bellagio in Vegas. The Delaware Art Museum and grounds are exceptional.

  5. I also left teaching a few years back and I also celebrate each September! Ah,freedom ! And my bladder also appreciates the freedom of being able to go more often. Enjoy each day !