Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In the lastest research on length of life and the clues found in the length of telomeres, we are told that perhaps exercise and meditation can lengthen those telomeres. Who doesn't want to live longer? I don't necessarily want to take a blood test to predict my life length. The only important thing to me is trying to control whatever I can and do the best I can within reason to improve the quality and length of my life.

Okay, I exercise, and I have my own way of relaxing and coping, but I've never tried what's formally called Meditation. I've read the "how to" articles, but I find a few things that wouldn't work for me. I am short and never sit with my legs pulled into a "lotus" position. I don't want to restrict my circulation so I would have to sit in a chair. I'm not a chanter either. I would have to work on other approaches. I could find any number of words on which I could concentrate or chant to myself, but not aloud. Even so, my mind wanders.

I already spend a portion of my day exercising, so adding another life-extending activity seems questionable. I begin to question the quality of a life spent only trying to extend it--to what purpose? Doing more to keep extending it? When is there time to enjoy life and "smell the roses"? I look for balance in life as a Libra, which is neither here nor there, but it does seem that there is a "tilt" point in overdoing anything.

I wonder how others feel about meditation and how it fits into their busy lives. How do they manage the details of the process? In times past, I have tried the idea of trying to achieve the "state of zero" which I find difficult to do. I will have to do some research and find some imput from people who meditate successfully. I always like to hear what works for others.


  1. R.J. as you know I too exercise and like you suffer from the short leg syndrome.

    I know lots of people who do meditate but I can't get to the empty your mind side ... I start to think about all the things I should be doing or did I leave the hair straighteners on?

    Sometimes when I lie awake at night trying to get back to sleep I try a trick I am assured works, I concentrate on my toes, then work my way up my body until I have bored myself to sleep ... or at least thats the theory - by the time I reach my ankles I am back to my toes, wondering if the nails need cutting.

    I think I lack concentration!

    But then as you say what is the purpose of longevity if its just that too stay alive longer ... I read a lot of blogs written by people with ancient parents (both mine died relatively young) and I am thankful that both left us whilst they were still completely compos mentis.

  2. Years ago I meditated twice a day and got to the place where I craved it when I didn't get a chance to sit. Now, I can no longer sit cross-legged. The main thing about a chair is that your back doesn't naturally get straight, but a kneeling chair takes care of that.

    Everybody's mind wanders. The whole point of meditation is to bring it back to your breath, or a mantra; I've used both techniques and find that counting as I breathe in and counting as I breathe out gives my mind something to do. When I realize I am no longer counting, I go back to it, without beating myself up about it. Before long, time has passed and I am refreshed and focused. it's amazing.

  3. Great tips! I hadn't thought about the kneeling chair and there is one in my house that I could use. Now I wonder about a balance ball. The counting idea is a good one. I can do that. That would put me to sleep quickly if I lay on a bed. So maybe the idea is to de-stress, not to go to sleep.

  4. i used to do that some years ago when things were not "too good" around here. i'd mentally go somewhere nice and it helped a lot. nowadays, not so much, i seem to be in a better place all around.

    smiles, bee

  5. I don't really meditate but I lay on a yoga mat and relax my shoulders until my shoulders and back are flat on the floor. Then I breathe deeply. It is one of the most relaxing things I have done for me.

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