Friday, February 25, 2011

Making Memories

Considering that many people have grandchildren, and grandparents are more than a little proud of their own grandchildren, it seems superfluous to indulge in a little grandmotherly pride about my own two little sweethearts. I like to take pictures and videos of their antics when they visit Nana and Papa. I don't need a picture to remind me of the sight or feeling when my two-year-old grandson has to leave to go home after a day of playing with the grandparents. He is told fifteen minutes early that they have to leave soon, but when the time comes, he sits down on a rug near the front door, puts his little face into his hands and sobs. What a moment! The little tyke is so adorable. Naturally, he gets tons of hugs and promises that he can come to visit Nana and Papa again soon. He has no concept of time, but when he arrives at the front door to begin a visit, the happy grin on his face is worth its weight in gold. My grandchildren lead a charmed life and could ask no more of their environment than two doting parents and doting grandparents, but they love to visit grandma's house to play with toys different from the ones at their house. I kept many of their father's toys which they play with now. I don't know who treasures those visits more, the grandchildren, or the grandparents. It is such a special relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren.

I have fond memories of my grandson playing with a tiny wooden train given to his father by his grandma in 1976. It lives on top of the TV in the family room so when my grandson visits, he knows where to find it. The little cars are connected by hooks and one came apart from the others as he played with it. I told him to get Papa to fix it for him so they went to my office to get the computer repair tools and they fixed it with the pliers. They put the tools back into the zippered case, closed it, and returned it to the shelf where it stays. Later that day, another car released, so he took the train back to my office, took down the tool case and pretended to repair it. It was more than his tiny fingers could manage, but he knows when he gets frustrated with something that Papa can fix it. 


Both my grandson and my five-year-old granddaughter like to play "office." When they visit, both can be found in different rooms in front of computers with a telephone(old portables they play with), their pencils, writing pads, and their cups of water. They take notes, answer the phone and play with the computer. Then they sip the water, take a deep breath and give a big sigh as though they just engineered a difficult merger. My son sometimes works from home and has a toddler helper setting up shop near his desk with his own tools and the two-year-old "works" too. When they get him on the payroll too, the family is in business. My grandson will imitate anything he sees an adult doing.  My five-year-old granddaughter likes to play with my computer when she visits. She prefers to use the headphones when she plays games on We sit with them at the computers and help them when they need it. They learn like little sponges and we talk about what they are doing on the sites. Letters, numbers and keyboarding come easily to toddlers with computers.

I sometimes wonder why I don't remember all of the adorable things that I'm sure my son did when he was a toddler but I was too busy to fully appreciate every time his three-year-old eyes would light up and he would throw out his arms while running to tackle my knees and exclaim "Mommie". I do remember those greetings of the days after preschool. Sometimes I pull out my photo albums to look at his youth and remember that he was just as adorable as his children. I wish I had spent more time writing about his moments to treasure. It is so easy to take the day-to-day activities with our children for granted and I am sure all of the bloggers who chronicle the early years of their children will thank themselves later when they have such detailed memories of their babies and toddlers.  

I can state without doubt that this is one of the best moments life has to offer. When my grandson has worn out from playing, I treasure these moments when I have the opportunity to sway and soothe him on my shoulder while he sleeps. I managed to stretch this session over 30 minutes while he snoozed. My arms were almost frozen in place, but I didn't  want to end it until he woke up.


  1. I would say your grandchildren are blessed to have such adoring and attentive grandparents. I know I am thankful each time my kids get some time with fully engaged grandparents.

    I am afraid I will forget all the wonderful things my children do so I keep a journal for each of them that I write in every couple of days and take as many pictures as I can stand.

    I agree, there are few things as precious as holding a sleeping child. Your grandchildren are beautiful.

  2. What a great story! I love the image of him crying when he has to leave you. Now that warms the heart of anyone, but especially those who love and cherish the next generation. I am in bliss with my grand niece!

  3. At this point in my life, I wish I had majored in Early Childhood Education. Maybe I would have compensated a bit for this obsession I have with enjoying and observing the development of toddlers. It's awesome to watch them grow and learn new things.

  4. When my children were the same age your grandchildren we were lucky enough to be living close to my parents - they had a wonderful relationship with them! Sadly both my parents have passed but my kids still treasure the memories they have of them.

  5. Never having had kids, I don't have grandkids, but I don't doubt for a moment that I'm missing out on something I would have really enjoyed.

  6. RJ we meet at last... well virtually anyway. I have read your comments on my blog. Like the photo is that your son he looks the same age as mine who is 2 now. We are worlds apart you in the USA and me in Moscow.

    English man in Moscow.

  7. Thanks for asking. The little guy on my shoulder is my 27 month old grandson. He is like all two year olds--adorable. He has a passion for telephones, buttons, and electrical cords. We are very eager for him to talk. He's almost there and has a few words. I have to admire your fortitude in dealing with a different culture when there is a child in the house.

  8. RJ They are cute at that age. I cope here in Moscow because I have to plus I have to look after my son. He goes to kindergarten now every morning so I get some time off. He does not speak yet as his mother is French and I'm English plus he hears Russian so the poor little guy is confused.

    You too young to be a grandmother :-)