Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Ladies of Summer

I love a very select list of action/drama television shows (yes, gasp, groan, cable television shows) and especially when they feature some very strong, confident women in lead roles. This summer, I'm having fun in the air conditioning and watching these ladies tear up the crime scenes with outstanding joie de vivre and super entertainment. 

The Closer (TNT)

Brenda and Fritzi are back for season 5 with Brenda Lee Johnson-Howard in charge of a Major Murder Crimes unit in Los Angeles with a team of 8 men to answer to her directions. Assistant Chief Will Pope likes to think he's in charge, but Brenda is the real Closer which is why he hired her and created the unit just for her. Brenda solves murders faster than he can make margaritas. Fritzi Howard, her new husband and FBI agent, provides backup information, sniper coverage as needed, and convenient backrubs. 

The Closer


Rizzoli and Isles (TNT)

This new show features Jane Rizzoli as a Boston murder detective and her associate, Maura Isles--a medical examiner. This series sprang from Tess Gerritson's novels about crime and medicine. I've become a recent fan of Tess Gerritson and I'm plowing through her books as quickly as possible. Rizzoli is polishing her tomboy image and trying to fit in with the guys on the detective squad, while Isles is the total antithesis--a brainiac in high heels with red soles. They have a lot of fun trying to solve murders and I have fun watching. 

Rizzoli & Isles


Covert Affairs (USA)
Another new show, this series features a new CIA agent, Annie Walker, an over-achiever, who has to overcome her trainee status fairly quickly because she gets thrown in the deep end of the pool of domestic terrorism and she often finds herself in hot water with the brass.

She's gorgeous, funny, vulnerable, and frighteningly competent. When I often think, "Why couldn't I think of a quick quip?" she suffers no such deficit. The girl knows how to think on her feet and always lands on her feet, which is necessary to stay alive considering the scum bags that she encounters. She's learning to handle a double life and keeps us guessing about the mystery man in her background.

Covert Affairs


  1. We watched the pilot of Covert Affairs and like it a lot, but it's the only one of these three that I've seen. I love NCIS, too.

  2. I've been a fan of the first NCIS since it began and when they added the L.A. version, I liked it too. The little lady they call Hetty makes older ladies look accomplished and adventurous--great character. I'm pleased to see that both shows have women in very positive, strong roles such as the Mossad agent, Ziva and the martial arts expert in the L.A. version.

  3. I listen to the "First Lady Detective Agency" - if you ever get a chance you must listen - you get used to the African accents eventually (I lived there so its easy for me to say that)but its not fast moving....

  4. I haven't watched Rizzoli and Isles yet but it looks really fun! :-)

  5. Oh I will have to check some of these out! Oh God...I am addicted to NCIS! Love, love, love that show! Right now, I am hooked on America's got talent and Last Comic's a summer ritual for me! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. They all sound like interesting shows.

  7. By any chance did you watch "Saving Grace"? I loved that show.

  8. Sorry I didn't want to be annonymous. Saving Grace question is mine.

  9. I've never watched Saving Grace. I'll have to check it out.

  10. saving grace is no longer on, :(
    It was a great show..