Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning at CBS             

My favorite activity on Sunday mornings has to be CBS's television magazine program called Sunday Morning from 9:00 to 10:30. Today, they included segments on collections of cuff links, dream homes including Hurst Castle, and another about the Taj Mahal. They also included stories about hair stylist Frederic Fekkai, and a technological discussion of new refrigerators that are designed to be energy efficient and ecologically friendly. Their most unusual story of the day had to be the weird discussion of unusual caskets. There is actually a funeral museum. We learned a lot from King Tut's tradition.

The program covers a great variety of interesting stories and beautiful analysis along with fabulous scenery and photographic examples of their subjects. I am always eager to see the new ideas they bring to their audience week after week.  The reporters and narrators have pleasant, soothing voices that remind me of some PBS presentations. My favorite phrase from their program today was the name of a country music song written by someone they interviewed who lived in a really gaudy palace in Las Vegas. It was titled Big Hair Gets You Closer to God. The musical selections they include are usually very classy and I like to make sure I watch the entire program to see the closing credits with beautiful music and unique scenery. Today, they showed the gardens around Hurst Castle.

I love travel, but I could never experience the great variety of interesting places and subjects they introduce. I don't even mind the commercials run between stories because I multi-task when I watch live TV shows. I continue to surf the web, or grab another cup of coffee during those breaks.


  1. Sunday morning TV shows like that are awesome, as is hanging out with a cup of coffee and fun distractions. :-) Thanks for dropping by my blog; I'm glad you enjoyed my review!

  2. Librarians rule!!!!!I retired from the field five years ago. I love libraries and books.

  3. I love my lazy Sunday mornings ~ sometimes I blog, other times I might watch a movie, I might garden, I might read...I get to choose...and choice is always a good thing ! Enjoy your mornings !