Monday, April 12, 2010

Endotherms and Ectotherms

As spring is upon us and temperatures fluctuate wildly, it is amazing to witness the various fashion approaches to the season. When the temperature in the morning begins at 42 degrees, even though the high is forecast to hit the upper sixties, we see those brave souls (endotherms)  who spend their day as though we were in the middle of July. The flip flops, pool shoes, and sandals barely cover the pink toes and the goosebumps. Sleeveless or short sleeve tops can be seen in the middle of a crowd of leather jackets. Some folks are wearing wool slacks while others wear Bermuda shorts.

I attended an event on an evening when temperatures were in the forties after a day in the mid fifties. Granted the day before, we experienced temperatures in the upper eighties range. On the evening in the forties, I was shivering even though I had worn a lined all-season coat with a hood because we had to walk in a cold breeze for a half mile to reach the site of the event. Some people heading to the same event were dressed as though it was the previous day with 85 degree weather--shorts, and sleeveless.

If a teenager wants to make a fashion statement and ignore the cold temperatures, whatever floats their boat. However when I see parents dressed for cold weather with a small child wearing summer clothing, that is very disturbing. It makes me want to find a coat for the child. I like the philosophy that if Mom needs a sweater, the child should also wear a sweater. 

I exercise so my metabolism isn't nonexistent, but when the weather is cold, so am I. I must be a reptile (ectotherm) because I depend on outside sources for most of my body temperature. I've been called a lot of things in my life, but snake or reptile might be accurate. We have thermostat wars at my house.

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  1. Great post ~ I can totally relate. I should bring a suitcase with me so I am prepared for the temperature changes throughout the day/evening. I don't get people who walk around with goosebumps and blue lips.