Friday, March 26, 2010


Not since Tommy Lee Jones played a U.S.Marshall, has there been a more entertaining actor than Timothy Olyphant playing the character of Raylan Givens, U.S.Marshall, in Justified, a new TV series on FX. Created by the master of crime drama, novelist Elmore Leonard, the depth of character and human tragedy that it unfolds ranks it as a top draw in crime dramas for 2010. It's funny, it's bold and Raylan Givens displays a cold, calm, self-confidence behind a gun that hasn't been seen since Gunsmoke. He exudes confidence and competence as a lawman with a clearly-defined sense of justice without needing to launch a power trip. 

The "ah shucks, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" draws in the viewer who wants to believe that the guys in white hats are gonna win in the end. The character development is so strong and the histories of the lives of the characters lead the viewer to understand why they have arrived where they occupy their present. It's easy to care about where they are going as human beings and how they will get there, guaranteeing the continuity of the series. Even when they are rascals, they are likeable rascals. Human conflict is at the core of the show and the opposing forces of good vs evil never fail in fiction or TV shows. It doesn't hurt that Timothy Olyphant is awfully easy on the eyes. 

TV dramas can be very good and Justified proves it is one of the best.

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