Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Vail Yardstick

Around our house, the yardstick by which we measure all snow storms is a Vail blizzard we experienced in the early 1970's. We drove at night, in a blizzard from Vail, Colorado to Breckenridge "back in the day" when we were young and stupid. This morning, hubby bravely went out in the car on the streets near Philly and returned to say, "It isn't Vail yet." By late afternoon, Feb. 10, 2010, we reached Vail status, including the white-out and wind. The only thing missing is the cliff off the side of the road that we traveled on that nerve-racking trip. I'm trying to stay out of trouble during this blizzard.

What the Heck!

Hey, I'm lazy,
So sue me!
My couch potato status
Is rivaled by none.

Don't need accolades,
Don't need praise,
Don't want money,
Don't want fame.

Last time I worked,
I wasn't impressed.
It left me feeling dread,
Of more the next day.

So what to do instead?
Inscribe a book?
Fracture a poem?
Concoct a blog?


  1. We got a foot of snow here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Love your pictures. This snowstorm will definitely be one to remember. Heck this whole winter will be.

  2. It has been an odd winter. The last two BIG storms missed us totally but we did have snow today - but it wouldn't measure up on the Vail yardstick. Oh, the adventures we had when we were young and stupid ~ those were the days !