Friday, January 22, 2010


Grandchildren have always been on my list of things in life that it would be nice to experience, but I don't recall wishing for grandchildren as much as I have found that I enjoy my grandchildren. When my friends began talking about how much they enjoy their grandchildren before I had grandchildren, it was easy to think, "That's nice, but I don't have any, and I don't relate to that." I wasn't envious, but I had not realized how wonderful your own grandchildren can be. I always try not to over-enthuse about the grandchildren, but some moments are treasures to remember forever.

I once said to my adult son that I don't need presents for my birthday--I only need your presence. For my last birthday, we went to dinner with our son, his wife, their four-year-old, and their one-year-old. Small children can get restless in a restaurant so we knew our time was limited. The staff rushed to serve us so we wouldn't overstay our welcome and distress their other diners. I ate quickly while my grandson munched his Cheerios and the busy day caught up with him quickly. To give Mom and Dad a quick break and a peaceful meal, I gathered up my one-year-old grandson and walked him to a quiet back corner of the restaurant. He has a habit of falling asleep on his daddy's "magic shoulder" so I wanted to chance grandma's magic shoulder. It only took a little swaying and humming to put him to sleep. There's nothing quite as neat as cuddling a sleeping infant. To hold him and to let him sleep on my shoulder was the best birthday gift I could ever have.


  1. Hi ~ Being a grammie to three grandchildren under the age of one - I could totally relate to this post. And I love it when they fall asleep on my magic shoulder. Thanks for stopping by over at my place. Much appreciated - take care.

  2. Oh yes. Love it. Far more than I ever realized I would.