Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Word Processors

I really like the word processor, Microsoft Office Word. I like to keep various documents stored in it while I work on several at the same time. I like to compose my thoughts with it, sometimes over a long period of time, then copy and paste text to my blogs or web pages. I'm not a big fan of HTML code so I really appreciate those folks who developed wysiwyg. However, I have learned enough about it to learn that Microsoft Office Word somehow inserts code that doesn't play well with others. When I copy and paste text from it, I get error messages that I haven't learned how to repair yet. My best solution, short of taking time to learn HTML code, is to just use another word processor. Maybe I should just use Notepad to avoid composing online. I hope some of the wizards out in cyberspace will solve that problem for the rest of us HTML-challenged folks.

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